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The Sunday night session started around 2002/2003 in Fleetwood by Bernie, Jim and Paul who are still key regulars and Gary and Ross who no longer come. As I write I don't know much about the history except from around 2015 when Anne and I started coming. I hope to make this page interactive so everyone from the session who wants to can share clips, music, sets, virtual pints of Guinness and just about anything....that's legal and decent!

I spent a day yesterday trying to make it interactive and almost wrecked the whole site so until we've worked it out properly please drop us an email to and I will add the comments tunes etc manually.

But while we're waiting for that miracle have a look at the youtube clip below:

And here's a sound track we've played at the session. It's 3 polkas from Cork and Kerry and we learned it from the session at the Roaring Donkey in Cobh Co.Cork and features Jerry's brother Willie and a few others from that session. The 3 tunes in the set are:

i) Charlie Hunters

ii) The Oriental

iii) O'Sullivans

Tripping Up the Stairs Set

Ian Jackson sent me this set and also a suggestion we download the free 'musescore' programme and then he could email out the tunes and we could play along to it. I downloaded it from

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and it might be a good way for us all to learn some new sets and also keep up the practice with some regular sets

And here's a couple of memories of the night Stuart came to the Black Bull at Great Eccleston.

The first one is of his own arrangement of Hector the Hero and Mason's Apron and the second clip was a bit of a blast with himself and Ian having a duelling banjo/fiddle with everyone else having a go too.

Our very own Paul playing a couple of Polkas written by the great banjo player Tony Sullivan called Hair of the Dog 1 and Hair of the Dog 2

Here's a version of Cathedral Jig we've been trying...

Jamie Knowles, fiddler extroardinaire from Glossop and occasional visitor to the Sunday Night session has asked to include a set of reels from Altan. The first is a 3 part reel called Glory...or The Glory Reel with a 'different' C part as it has a C# though it's in G and the second tune is The Heathery Cruach. A Cruach is an old Irish word for stack, pile or hill most commonly used in Donegal....ok it was a Jamie Knowles suggestion. The video here is Altan playing it but once the lockdown is over we'll swap it with a Jamie recording